Armistice Day 2018 WhatsApp, SMS, Text Messages, Wishes

Armistice Day is celebrated on November 11 to to honor the service of military personnel during the First World War.

The day marks the anniversary of the signing of the armistice between the Allied Forces and Germany on November 11, 1918 to end the World War I.

Armistice Day Wishes - November 11

It is a day for remembering and paying tribute to all those who died in the wars.

Send Armistice Day┬áMessages & Wishes to all and pay tribute to the military veterans …

Armistice Day 2018 WhatsApp, SMS, Text Messages & Wishes :

On this Armistice Day,
Let us pay tribute to our Heroes
who put their lives on the line for their Country.

Let us Salute and Honor them for their
Courage and Devotion to their Country.

Happy Armistice Day 2018 …

Young Soldiers who crossed the oceans
and made the sacrifice to give us Freedom and Dignity.
We owe them everything that is good in our life today.

We have to Swear that we will never ever forget them

Happy Armistice Day 2018

Thinking of you …
and saluting you …
on Armistice Day
and always …

Lets recognize the contribution of war veterans,
who displayed courage and patriotism in the face of danger.

Happy Armistice Day 2018

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