Ashadhi Beej – Kutchi New Year 14 July 2018

The Kutchi people celebrate their Kutchi New Year on Ashadi Beej. It is the 2nd day of Shukla paksha of Aashaadha month of Hindu calendar (June – July).

Ashadhi Beej - Kutchi New year 2015

As for people of Kutch, this day is associated with beginning of rains in Kutch, Gujarat. Kutch is largely a desert area therefore people living valuate rain very much.

Ashadhi-beej is celebrated mainly at two places in India – VishvaNath temple in Varanasi, UP and Mulesh Mahadev in Umreth, Gujarat. Other then these Kutchi people all around the world celebrate this day at their level best.

Spring season to predict the weather, during the pre-monsoon, there is a small festival called Ashadhi-beej to predict the monsoon. During Ashadhi-beej, they check the moisture in the atmosphere to help predict which crop would do best in coming monsoon. Moisture in the air makes the seed and soil gain weight. If the pre-monsoon air has a lot of moisture in it, that is a fairly good indication that the season will be well.

Coincidentally on Ashadi Beej the famous Jagannath Rath Yatra takes place in Ahmedabad and Puri.

In 2018, Kutchi New Year will be celebrated on 14th July 2018.

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