Bali Pratipada 2018 Greeting Cards : Balipratipada Wishes

Bali Pratipada or Akashadipa is the fourth day of the five day Diwali festival. It is celebrated on the the first day of the bright lunar fortnight Shukla paksha in the Hindu calendar month of Kartik, a day after the main Diwali day.

It is said that Vamana, the ten major incarnations of Lord Vishnu defeating Bali by pushing him to the nether world and granted the wish of Bali to return to earth for one day for people who loved, respected and worship their king Bali.

This return of Bali is celebrated as Bali Padyami in the honor of the notional return of the demon king Bali to earth – by lighting lamps and bursting crackers distributing sweets and having fun.

For this year i.e. 2018 Bali Pratipada will be celebrated on Thursday, 8th November 2018.

Bali Pratipada 2018 Greeting Cards :

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