Be An Angel Day on August 22

Being celebrated on 22nd August every year, Be An Angel Day is about being an angel and doing good deeds for people.

Be An Angel Day - August 22

Be an angel day was first celebrated on 22nd August 1993 by Jayne Howard Feldman who created this day.

As per her word, angels inspired her for celebrating this day on which human beings would “Act like angels” by doing when anything in favor of someone or pay a helpful service for someone. It can be any kind of good deed physical, emotional or spiritual. It can even be a hug, a kind word or even a smile or show someone your gratitude.

On this day many people send others a messages of love, hope, faith and peace which is considered as a messages from an Angels send by God to us as a blessing.

Today, just utilize some time of yours to surely celebrate this occasion by being an angel to someone. The services can be for anyone your relatives or friends or neighbors or your community as every act of generosity can make a difference.

Enjoy Be An Angel Day!

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