Bonne année 2019 : Happy New Year Wishes in French

French is among one of the popular languages around the world.

New Year 2019 is around the corner and hence you might want to know how to wish someone Happy New Year in French.

Bonne année 2018

The simplest way to wish someone a happy new year in French is with Bonne année !, but people generally greet each other saying Bonne année et bonne santé which means Good year and good health!

People also greet each other saying Bonne et heureuse Année which also means happy new year

People may also say Meilleurs vœux pour le Nouvel An which means Best wishes for the New Year.

New Year 2019 Wishes in French and English Meaning : 

French English
Bonne année 2019 Happy New Year 2019
Bonne année et bonne santé Happy New Year and good health
Bonne et heureuse Année Happy New Year
Vœux de bonne année New Year Wishes
Meilleurs vœux pour le Nouvel An Best wishes for the New Year

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