Cheti Chand 2018 – Sindhi New Year 2018 Greeting Cards

Cheti Chand (Sindhi: چنڊ چيٽي ) is an important festival celebrated as New Year’s Day by the people of Sindhi community.

It is observed on the first day of the Sindhi Chet month (March – April) or Chaitra month in Hindu calendar; hence called it is known as Chet-i-Chand.

In 2018, Cheti Chand will be celebrated on Monday, 19th March 2018.

In Sindhi language people wish each other Happy Cheti Chand or Happy Sindhi New Year by saying “Cheti Chand jyon Lakh Lakh Wadayun Hujan” and in reply people say “Twah khe bhi Cheti Chand jyon Lakh Lakh Wadayun Hugan”

Send these Cheti Chand Greeting Cards to people of Sindhi Community that you know and wish them good luck, loads of success and prosperity in the new year.

Cheti Chand – Sindhi New Year 2018 Greeting Cards :

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