Chingam 2016 – Kolla Varsham 1192 August – September 2016

Chingam month (August – September), also known as Chinga Masam is the first month in the Malayalam calendar or Malayalam Era used by Hindus in Kerala.

Chingam 1 2016 - Kolla Varsham 1191

Chingam 1 also known as Chingam Onnu or Andu Pirappu is the New Year’s Day of Keralites i.e, it is Malayalam New Year’s Day as per the Kerala calender Kolla Varsham or Kollam Era originated in 825 CE.

In 2016, Chingam 1 or Malayalam New Year’s Day is on August 1, marking the start of Kolla Varsham 1192. Hindus of Kerala are using Malayalam Calender for there religious, cultural and cultivation activities.

Chingam 1 2016 wishes

Kolla Varsham Chingam 1 Celebrations :

Hindus in large numbers visit their near by temples, perform pujas and prayers and in some part of the Kerala parents give Kai Neettam to their children. Earlier, the day used to be of great significance to the farmers.

The month is considered highly auspicious by Hindu astrologers and numerous marriages and other ceremonies take place in the month.

Thiruonam, the most popular festival of Malayalis, is observed in this month. The 10-day Onam festival begins on the Atham Nakshatram in the Chingam month an the main Onam festival is celebrated on the Thiruonam Nakshatram day in the month.

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