Colorado State Fair & Rodeo 2016 : August 26 – September 5

The Colorado State Fair & Rodeo or the Pueblo home is a Classic fair held in Colorado, U.S.A. every year. This fair begin in the year 1869 and in these 144 years it has gain lots of popularity and has developed into the largest summer event in the State.

Colorado State Fair & Rodeo

Originally this fair relates to buying and selling of livestock like bulls, horses, etc. The exhibitions is accompanied by live musical performances, dance,lots of exotic food, etc.

The main attraction of the fair are, a quintessential component of a great state fair, the annual rodeo guaranteed to attract lots of cowboys and cowgirls. There are carnival rides, arts and crafts vendors, a monster truck rally, a grand parade, foam festival, and plenty competition events to get your juices flowing.

When is Colorado State Fair & Rodeo in 2016:

This year Colorado State Fair & Rodeo starts from 26th August and ends on 5th September 2016.

Official Website -

This web site provides you with the complete information about the Colorado State Fair & Rodeo like, the proper location, ticket, etc.

Colorado State Fair & Rodeo Photos :

2016 Colorado State Fair Horse Show    Pet Rock Olympics - Colorado State Fair & Rodeo 2016 Photo     Colorado State Fair & Rodeo 2016 Livestock Photo

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