Diwali Diya Wallpapers : Deepavali Diya Decorations

Diwali or Deepawali also known as “the festival of lights”. Deepavali is a Sanskrit word which means a row of Diyas. It is a symbol of the victory of good over evil, brightness over darkness, and truth over falsity.

In India, decorating a household with diyas in the Diwali night is very obvious. The celebration remains incomplete without bright and colorful Diwali Diyas.

A “Diya” is a small earthen lamp filled with oil or ghee serves as the burning fuel and a cotton thread or wick in it. It is specially lit on Diwali for pujan and to decorate house. Rangoli made for Diya is also very famous. These can be plain and colored, big and small, simple and fancy as available in the market during the Diwali festive time.

Diwali – Deepavali Diya Photos & Wallpapers :

Have a Bright & Colorful Diwali…

In 2018, Diwali will be celebrated on Wednesday, 7th November 2018.

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