Durga Puja Celebrations in West Bengal

Durga Puja also known as Sharadotsav or Durgotsava is an annual Hindu festival celebrated in South Asia by which involves worship of Hindu Goddess Durga.

Durga Puja Festival in West Bengal - Durga Puja 2017

Durga Puja festival marks the victory of Goddess Durga over the evil buffalo demon Mahishasura. Thus, Durga Puja festival epitomises the victory of Good over Evil.

Durga puja is regarded as the most important festival of West Bengal, where it is a five-day annual holiday.

Durga Puja Celebrations in West Bengal :

In West Bengal, Durga Puja festival is celebrated over a five day period. The Durga Puja festival starts on Maha-Shashti by welcoming Goddess Durga and ends on Dashami, the day on which idols of Goddess Durga are immersed in nearby rivers, lakes and seas.

In 2017 the five day Durga Puja will start on 26th September 2017 (Maha Shashti) and will end on 30th September 2017 (Bijoya dashami).

During these five days people seek blessings of Goddess Durga by visiting different Durga Puja Pandals setup in the city. In Kolkata alone more than two thousand pandals are set up

Popular Durga Puja Pandals in Kolkata

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