Feliz Navidad : Spanish Christmas Greeting Cards 2019

In Spain, Christmas is a deeply religious festival occasion. The patron saint of Spain is the Virgin Mary and hence the actual Christmas season officially begins on December 8th, the feast of the Immaculate Conception.

Unlike in other parts of Europe, in Spain, you will find Christmas to be far less commercialized affair, but still people do things like exchange of Christmas gifts and cards, Christmas decorations, Church celebrations, special meals, Christmas music and caroling, etc.

In Spanish Christmas is called Navidad while Christmas Eve is known as Nochebuena or “the Good Night.”

How to Say Merry Christmas in Spanish ?

In Spanish language, people wish each other Merry Christmas by saying “¡Feliz Navidad”

Apart from that other terms used include –

  • ¡Saludos de Navidad – which means Christmas Greetings
  • ¡Felicitaciones de Navidad – which means Christmas Greetings

Feliz Navidad – Spanish Merry Christmas Greeting Cards 2019 :

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We wish you and your family Merry Christmas 2019 & Prosperous New Year 2019 Ahead …

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