Festival of the Ages – Jidai Matsuri – 時代祭り Kyoto – Japan : October 15 – 22

Jidai Matsuri (時代祭り?) also known as the Festival of the Ages is a traditional festival held in Kyoto, Japan every year on 22nd October.

Jidai Matsuri - Festival of Ages - Kyoto Japan

It is one of the three largest festivals of Kyoto, with the other two being the Aoi Matsuri, held every year on May 15, and the Gion Matsuri, which is held every year from 17 to July 24.

It is basically a grand ancient costume procession where the long history of Japan unfolds before the spectators. People of all ages participate in this festival.

This magnificent festival was first held in 1895 and since then the festival has been taking place every year since then.

The highlight of the festival is the Jidai Gyoretsu (Historic Pageant): a mikoshi (a portable shrine which represent emperors Kanmu and Kōmei) which is brought out of the Old Imperial Palace so that people may pay their respects; and a procession of around 2,000 people dressed in costumes representing various eras of Kyoto’s 1,200-year history.

At noon, the procession departs from Kyoto Gosho (Kyoto Imperial Palace), and parades over a distance of around 4.6 kilometers and reaches its destination, the Heian Jingu Shrine, around 2:30 in the afternoon.

Photos of Jidai Matsuri Procession :

Jidai Matsuri is an ideal festival for overseas visitors wishing to learn more about Japan and to see the chronological changes in Japanese costumes and customs.

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