Gujarati Panchang Calendar 2016 – Vikram Samvat 2072 – 2073

Gujarati community celebrates the day after Diwali as their New year. The day marks the start of Vikram Samvat calendar.

12th November 2015 marked the start of Vikram Samvat 2072. Similarly, 31st October 2016 will mark the start of Vikram Samvat 2073

Hence, the year 2016 corresponds to Vikram Samvat 2072 – 2073.

This is the time of year when Gujarati people search for Gujarati Calendar and Panchang.

The names of 12 months in the Gujarati Calendar are Kartak, Magshar, Posh, Maha, Fagan, Chaitra, Vaishakh, Jeth, Ashadh, Shravan, Bhadarvo and Aaso.

The day following Diwali is the first tithi of Gujarati month Kartak.

Gujarati Panchang Calendar 2016 – Vikram Samvat 2072 – 2073 :

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