Halloween Symbols : Witches, Jack O’Lanterns, Skeletons, Bats, Black Cats

Halloween or Hallowe’en also known as All Hallows’ Eve is an annual holiday observed around the world on October 31, the eve before the Western Christian feast of All Hallows.

Halloween Symbols Wallpaper - October 31

There are many symbols associated with the Halloween. Some of the popular ones as you all might be knowing are Witches, Jack O’Lanterns, Skeletons, Bats, Black Cats …

Below, we have tried to explain the meaning and significance of Halloween Symbols.

Halloween Symbols, Their Meanings and Significance :

Halloween Jack O’Lanterns :

Halloween Jack O’Lanterns Wallpaper

JACK O’LANTERNS : They were turnips hollowed out and equipped with candles to light the way of “guisers” and beggars roaming about on All Hallow’s Eve for a bite to eat or rousting neighbors door-to-door for a donation to their cause. An Irishman named “Stingy Jack” was a drunk and a prankster, and he managed to make both God and the Devil angry.  He died, and neither heaven nor hell wanted him, so he was stuck wandering around on earth.  He carried a turnip, hollowed out, with a candle inside, to light his way, and to keep him from knocking on their door, the Irish would carve scary lanterns to put around their houses to keep him away.

Halloween Witches :

Halloween Witches Photo

WITCH : A witch means an old crone with moles and straggly hair casting evil spells on children and silhouetted in front of a full moon on her broomstick. The Druids, believed that ghosts, spirits, fairies, witches, elves and all manner of supernatural manifestation emerged on Halloween night to possibly harm the living. The image of a witch is of an ugly old hag, often sporting a wart on her nose. Cohorts of the devil, witches were said to employ spells and charms in order to bring harm to good men and women.

Halloween Broomstick :

Halloween Broomstick Photo

BROOMSTICK : It symbolizes the link of witchcraft and magic for centuries. It is supposed to be the ride of witches.

Halloween Masks and Costumes :

Halloween Masks and Costumes

COSTUMES AND MASKS : One cannot think of Halloween without costumes and Masks. Originally costumes and masks were worn in order to treat the roaming spirits of the dead.  It was thought that if you could trick the spirit, the spirit would refrain from bothering you about pesky things like tributes and respect. Far back in the Middle Ages, poor children would go door to door collecting handouts in return for their prayers for the dead.  They were called “guisers.” Now it’s just about looking as scary or slutty as possible.

Halloween Pumpkins :

Halloween Pumpkins Wallpaper

PUMPKIN : On the British isles, the scary face of the jack-o-lantern was used to frighten away evil spirits and cast a “spell of protection over the household.”  The Celts carved the frightening faces into gourds or turnips.

Halloween Ghosts :

Halloween Ghosts Wallpaper

GHOSTS : A ghost is a universal symbol for departed spirits and occult visitations. The decorative ghosts may be cute, but to the countless victims of demonic bondage and oppression, the spirit world is no joke.

Halloween Skeletons :

Halloween Skeletons Wallpaper

SKULLS, BONES & SKELETONS : The skull, bones and skeletons symbolizes of death, disease and the shortness of earthly life. –The picture of these, on a bottle of poison or emblazoned on the black flag of a pirate ship, raised fear of death.

Halloween Gravestone :

Halloween Gravestone Photo

GRAVESTONE : Christians may see it as a memorial to those who died, but others see it as an exciting symbol of death and as the place where the world of the living meets the world of departed spirits. Since Halloween celebrates visits from the spirit world, these gravestone cookies fit both feasts.

Halloween Black Cats :

Halloween Black Cats Wallpaper

BLACK CAT : The Western superstitions links the black cat to the world of “white” spells and magic as well as to darker occultism. Notice the moon-shaped symbol of goddess spirituality on the forehead of Sailor Moon’s popular talking  black cat.

Halloween Bats :

Halloween Bats Photo

BATS : They are small nocturnal mammals who eat mosquitoes and cause little harm but have a very bad reputation because of their relation with the vampire bat. This native of Central and South America uses sharp incisor teeth to cut the holes needed to suck blood from its victim. No wonder bats have been linked to death, vampires and occult rituals. But they often represent good luck at some places.

Halloween Owl :

Halloween Owl Photo

OWLS : Owls have long been symbols of wisdom of a hidden nature. Due to their status as wise creatures, and their long-standing association to the spirit side of life, it made sense to hold owls sacred to this time of year.

Halloween Spider Web :

Halloween Spider Web Wallpaper

SPIDERS : Spiders are creatures considered to be endowed with supernatural qualities which make them harbingers of mystic energy. Witches often invite the spider into their homes and practices as a method of enhancing understanding of energetic patterns because of their ability to weave webs and boasts eight legs.

Halloween Colors Orange and Black :

Halloween Colors Orange and Black

Orange colour represents autumn, when the leaves change from green and orange pumpkins are ripe. Black colour represents the dark days of winter when there are fewer daylight hours to attend to the fields and crops.  Of course, the modern secular Halloween retailers have certainly pushed the orange and black as the colours of Halloween.

Wishing all readers Happy Halloween 2018 !!!

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