Hindi Diwas on 14th September 2018

Hindi is our National Language and we all should be proud of it. Every year Hindi Diwas, a day dedicated to our National Language is celebrated on 14th September.

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This day is celebrated every year on 14th September as on 14th September, 1949, Hindi was declared official language by the Constitutional Assembly.

Hindi has an ancient history behind it. The language belongs to Indo–Aryan branch of indo European language family. The word ‘Hindi’ itself is a gift of Persian, Mughals added to its flavour, Amir Khusro was first to write Hindi Poem.

Hnidi Language is spoken in many parts of the world and its one of the main language in Mauritius, Surinam, Trinidad and many others including the U.S.A, South Africa, New Zealand etc.

It is not only the mother tongue of 180 million people, it is also the second language of 300 million people.

It’s spoken by almost 500 million people over the world, the third most spoken language.

Hindi Diwas Celebrations in Schools and Colleges :

Hindi Diwas Celebrations in Schools & Colleges

Hindi Diwas is celebrated in many schools and colleges. Various Religious & Cultural Programs are organised on this day and students recited poems and read papers to show the importance of Hindi.

Hindi Essay Writing Competitions are also organised on Hindi Diwas.

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It is unfortunate to say that inspite being a day dedicated to our National Language, most of us dont know about this day.

Please send Hindi Diwas SMS and Greetings to all and spread the awareness about this day among all Indians..

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