How to Say Happy New Year in Japanese : Japanese New Year Greetings

The Japanese New Year also known as  Shogatsu or Oshogatsu, is a three day annual festival celebrated from 1st to 3rd January.

On this day, Japanese people visit the Shrine or a temple to worship for good health, joy, prosperity and wealth during the entire new year. This tradition is popularly known as hatsumoude.

Shogatsu 2018 Greetings

 As per the Japanese culture and tradition, they have to send New Year cards to all relatives, friends, Co-workers and family.

Nengajō (年賀状) are Japanese New Year’s greeting cards. They usually feature a decoration of the year’s animal in the Chinese zodiac.

How to Say Happy New Year in Japanese ?

  • Yoi otoshi o omukae kudasai (よいお年をお迎えください。) which in English means I wish you will have a good new year.
  • Yoi otoshi o! (よいお年を!) which in English means A Good Year.
  • Akemashite omedetou gozaimasu (あけましておめでとうございます。) which in English means Happy New Year !
  • Akemashite omedetou (あけましておめでとう。) which in English means Happy New Year 
  • Kinga shinnen (謹賀新年) which in English means Happy New Year

In reply to these greetings people say Kochira koso (こちらこそ) which means Welcome Here

Send Japense New Year 2018 Greedings to all

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