Islamic Calendar 1434 AH : Hijri Calendar 2013 PDF Download

Islamic Hijri Calendar 1434 AH - Islamic Calendar 2013

Islamic Calendar also known as Muslim calendar or Hijri calendar is a lunar calendar consisting of 12 months in a year consisting of 354 or 355 days.

The Islamic year begins on the first day of Islamic month of Muharram, and is counted from the year of the Hijrah —the year in which Muhammad emigrated from Mecca to Medina in the year 610 C.E. (Hijrah means “migration” in Arabic).

Islamic Calendar is used to date events in many Muslim countries (concurrently with the Gregorian calendar), and used by Muslims everywhere to determine the proper days on which to observe the annual fast (see Ramadan), to attend Hajj, and to celebrate other Islamic holidays and festivals.

The Islamic calendar is the official calendar in the Middle-East & Gulf, especially Saudi Arabia. However other Muslim countries use the Islamic calendar for only religious occasions.

Muslims around the world will be celebrating the Islamic New Hijri Year 1434 on 15th November 2012.

The Twelve months of Islamic Hijri Calendar are – 

  1. Muharram (Forbidden)
  2. Safar (Empty” or “Yellow)
  3. Rabia Awal (First spring)
  4. Rabia Thani (Second spring)
  5. Jumaada Awal (First freeze)
  6. Jumaada Thani (Second freeze)
  7. Rajab (To respect)
  8. Sha’ban (To spread and distribute)
  9. Ramadan (Parched thirst)
  10. Shawwal (To be light and vigorous)
  11. Dhul-Qi’dah (The month of rest)
  12. Dhul-Hijjah (The month of Hajj)

Islamic Calendar 1434 AH / 2013 Festival Dates :

Festival day 1434 AH
Islamic New Year 15th November 2012
Ashura 24th November 2012
Mawlid an-Nabi 24th January 2013
Laylat al-Miraj 6th June 2013
Laylat al-Baraat 24th June 2013
Ramadan 9th July 2013
Laylat al-Qadr 4th August 2013
Eid al-Fitr 8th August 2013
Eid al-Adha 15th October 2013

Download Islamic – Hijri Calendar 1434 PDF File

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