Jain Samayik Sutra Vidhi with Video

The Samayika word is derived from two words ‘samaya’ which means time in Prakrit. The name Samayika is the term for Jain meditation which aims at make the  soul free from all the socialism, other formalities, relation etc and realizing the self, attain salvation.

Samayaika is practiced in all the Jain sects and communities.

Jain Samayik Vrat

The main aim of Samayika is to  understand all your activities as a human being or a Jiva and purify yourself in and out and get more closer to your actual nature i.e. your Athma to get free from cycle of birth, death and again rebirth.

It is known to everyone that one day every one has to die and leave all his belongs and relations behind. Therefore in Jainism it is considers that there is no point in feeding and protecting the human body because at the ended it is the soul which remains. Therefore each human being should work for the betterment of its soul i.e. achieving “Moksha”.

Samayika is an important practice followed daily during the Paryushana which is an important Jain festival other than Mahavir Nirvan Diwas (Diwali).

Samayik Vrat Consists of Following 8 Things :

1. Navkar Mantra (Hyme of Obeisance)
2. Guru Vandana (Veneration to Nirgrathas)
3. Alochana Sutra (Text of Introspection of mobile activity)
4. Tass Uttari Path (Text of Sanctification of Soul)
5. Logassa Path (Text of worship of 24 tirthankars)
6. Pratigya Sutra (Text of adoption of Equanimity to commence Samayik)
7. Namotthunam (Text of Eulogy of Perfect Soul)
8. Samayik Parvanu Sutra (Text of completion or finishing of Samayik)

Download Jain Samayik Sutra with Meaning PDF File

Benefits of Samayik Vrata :

1. It gives us peace of mind.
2. It helps in concentration of mind.
3. It makes our impure soul free from Karma dust.
4. It brings under control mind, speech and body.
5. It leads the soul to infinite and endless happiness of Moksha.

Jain Samayik Sutra Vidhi Video :

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