Kaarawan ni Bonifacio – Bonifacio Day in Philippines on 30th November

On 30th November, Philippine will observe a national public holiday named Kaarawan ni Bonifacio – Bonifacio Day which marks the birth anniversary of Andrés Bonifacio y de Castro, a Filipino nationalist, revolutionary and lawyer.

Kaarawan ni Bonifacio - Andrés Bonifacio y de Castro Birth Anniversary

In 2015, the nation will celebrate the 152nd birth anniversary of national hero Andres Bonifacio who was often called “the great plebeian,” “father of the Philippine Revolution,” and “father of the Katipunan.”

He was a founder and later Supremo (“supreme leader”) of the Katipunan movement which sought the independence of the Philippines from Spanish colonial rule and started the Philippine Revolution.

Bonifacio is remembered on his birthday, rather than the date of his death, 10 May 1897, for historical reasons.

Unlike Rizal and other heroes who died at the hands of foreign persons, Bonifacio was executed by the Philippine government. Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo ordered his execution, as he was considered an enemy of the state after the events at the Tejeros Convention.

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