Karanji – Gujiya Recipe for Ganesh Chaturthi

In 2018, Ganesh Chaturthi will be celebrated on 13th September 2018.

It is a well known fact that Lord Ganesha likes sweets very much, hence any festival dedicated to Lord Ganesha will always be incomplete without offering him special sweet dishes.

Lord Ganesha Eating Sweets

On occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi, birthday of Lord Ganesha people make many sweets to offer to Lord Ganesha.

Apart from making modaks, Maharashtrains also make Karanji also known as Gujiya on this day.

Karanji is basically a fried sweet dumplings made of wheat flour and stuffed with dry or moist coconut delicacies.

Karanji / Gujiya Recipe for Ganesh Chaturthi :

 Karanji for Indian festivals

Karanji Recipe

Ingredients :

1 cup of Wheat Flour
3 tbsp of Ghee
1 pinch of Salt
½ lt of Oil (for frying)
1 cup of Grated Coconut (fresh or dried)
3¼ cups of Sugar
1½ cups of Milk
7 – 8 Almonds Choped
7 – 8 Raisins Choped
1/2 of tsp Cardamom Powder
1 tbsp of Poppy seeds

Method :

For Dough :

Take flour, ghee and salt and mix them well. Then add water and knead to form firm dough and wrap it in wet cloth and set aside.

For Stuffing :

Take coconut, sugar, milk, chopped almonds, raisins, cardamom powder and poppy seeds in a thick utensil and cook it till the milk evaporates.

For Karanjis :

Divide the dough into small equal balls (20-25) and then roll them out into flat round shape like a chapati. Then place a spoon of stuffing at the centre and fold the the round shape dough such that it looks like a semi-circle (as shown in the picture).

Use a cutter to cut off excess dough at the borders. You can seal the edges by applying a little milk and pressing down hard.

Then fry all the karanjis in very hot oil for 2-3 minutes or till golden brown, remove and allow to cool.

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