Karva Chauth 2018 Vrat Katha in English & Hindi

Karva Chauth falls on the fourth day after the full moon of the month of Kartik in the Hindu calendar. It is a fast observed by Indian married women for a long and healthy life of their husbands.

Karva Chauth Vrata Katha 2012

Few unmarried girls also keep this fast for their fiances or desired husbands. On this women do not eat nor drink any thing after the sunrise till the night. They break their fast after seeing the moon at night.

Karva Chauth Vrat Katha in English :

“It is delieved that ages back there was a beautiful princess “Veeravati” and she was married to a king. For her fisrt Karva Chauth after her marriage, Veeravati went to her parents’ house and observed a strict fast after sunrise. By evening she turned too weak, and fainted as she was too delicate and couldn’t stand the rigours of fasting. Veeravati had seven loving brothers who cared for her and couldn’t stand the plight of their sister. They decided to end her fast by deceiving her. They made a fire at the nearby hill and asked their sister to see the glow. They assured her that it was the moonlight and since the moon had risen, she could break her fast.”

“Veeravati broke her fast but, the moment she ate her dinner, she received the news that her husband was dead. The queen was heartbroken and rushed to her husband’s palace. On the way, she met Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. The Goddess informed her that the king had died because the queen had broken her fast by watching a false moon. Hearing this the queen asked her for forgiveness and the Goddess granted her the boon that the king would be revived but would be ill. When the queen reached the palace, she found the king lying unconscious with hundreds of needles inserted in his body. Each day, the queen managed to remove one needle from the king’s body.”

Next year the queen again observed a strict fast. She went to the market to buy the karva for the puja, her maid removed the only one needle remainning embedded in the body of the unconscious king. The king regained consciousness, and mistook the maid for his queen. When the real queen returned to the palace, she was made to serve as a maid. Veeravati was true to her faith and religiously observed the Karva Chauth vrat.

Once when the king was going out, he asked Veeravati if she wanted anything. The queen asked for a pair of identical dolls. The king obliged and the queen kept singing a song ” Roli ki Goli ho gayi… Goli ki Roli ho gayi.” which meant the queen has turned into a maid and the maid has turned into a queen. The king asked Veeravati – why did she keep repeating that song? Veeravati narrated the entire story. The king repented and restored the queen to her royal status. It was only the queen’s devotion and her faith that won her husband’s affection and the blessings of Goddess Parvati.”

Karva Chauth Vrat Katha in Hindi :

Karva Chauth Vrat Katha Hindi

Karva Chauth Hindi Ganesh Vinayak Ji ki kahani - Karva Chauth Vrata Katha Hindi

Karvachauth Ka Ujman Hindi - Karva Chauth Vrata Katha Hindi

 Karva Chauth 2018 Date :

In India, in 2018 Karva Chauth will be celebrated on Sunday, 28th October 2018.

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