Klausjagen in Küssnacht, Switzerland on Eve of St. Nicholas Day

Every year on 5th December, on the eve of St. Nicholas’ Day, a festival named Klausjagen (“Nicholas chase”) takes place in the Swiss town of Küssnacht.

Klausjagen Festival Switzerland

It is an unusual parade which consist of a parade of around 1,500 participants, and lasts far into the night. Every year about 20,000 people come to see this parade.

During this parade procession, the village of Küssnacht, on the shores of Lake Lucerne, glows in the light of some two hundred enormous, transparent bishops’ miters, which have been artfully designed, cut out of cardboard, assembled, and lit by a candle from within.

This Iffele, or headdress, is worn by the men and, more recently women as well, who accompany St. Nicholas on his way through the village.

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