Korean New Year 2017 – 4715 SMS, Text Messages & Wishes

Korean New Year called Seollal is the first day of the lunar calendar. People get a day off that day while they have a minimum of three days off on Lunar New Year.

Korean New Year 2017

People celebrate New Year’s Day by preparing food for the ancestors’ spirits, visiting ancestors’ graves, then playing Korean games such as Yutnol’i {say: yun-no-ree} with families.

Young children give respect by bowing down in a traditional way to their parents, grandparents, relatives, and other elders and are given good wishes and some money by the elders.

In Korean Language People Wish Each other Happy New Year saying “새해 복 많이 받으세요” which is pronounced in English as “saehae bog manh-i bad-euseyo”

style=”text-align: justify;”>In 2017, Korean New Year 4715 will be celebrated on Saturday, 28th January 2017.

orean New Year 2017 SMS, Text Messages & Wishes :

We have these messages in Korean and below it we have provided its English translation.

행복과 번영 새해 되세요. 주님의 축복 월 부를뿐 아니라 건강, 사랑과 행복, 당신의 가족과 친구들을 풍부.

Have a happy and prosperous New Year. Rich as well as the blessings of the Lord. Wealth, health, love and happiness, your family and friends.

새해는 새로운 달력과 함께 시작됩니다. 하지만 내 사랑은 내 마음에 항상 당신과 함께, 변하지 않는다. 해피 뉴 이어!

New Year starts with a new calendar. In my mind, but my love is always with you, does not change. Happy new year!

하나님은 사랑, 기쁨, 평화, 내부 강도와 성공의 많은 많은으로 당신과 당신의 가족을 축복이 있기를. 해피 뉴 이어!

God bless you and your family with lots of love, joy, peace, inner strength and lots of success. Happy new year!

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