La Raima 2018 – Grape Throwing Festival – Pobla del Duc, Spain : 24 – 26 August

La Raimá is an annual Grape Throwing festival celebrated in La Pobla del Duc, Valencia, Spain.

Also known as La Raima La Pobla del Duc La – Grape Throwing Festival  is held on weekend of the last Friday in August every year.

La Raima de La Pobla del Duc 2018 - Grape Throwing Festival

The roots of this festival can be traced back to 1930’s when the jubilant farmers would celebrate the end of the harvest season by throwing the rest of the crop at each other. From then on wards this festival is being held every year.

This fiesta in La Pobla del Duc aims to promote the wine-growing tradition of the town where around 70% of population depend on the agricultural sector  for their livelihood and grapes is the main source of income for most of the locals from so many years.

The festival is also an annual ritual that signals the end of the grape harvest.

What Happens in La Raimá ?

Simple, during this festival, few giant trucks roll into the town and deliver 40 – 50 tonnes of local Spanish Garnacha Tintorera grapes which people throw on each other and enjoy ….

Crowds will gather expectantly in the main square – La Plaza de la Cooperativa and wait for the church bells to strike 12:00 noon when the festival actally starts.

When is La Raima La Pobla del Duc – Grape Throwing Festival in 2018 :

In 2018 the festival will be held from 24th August to 26th August 2018.

La Raima La Pobla del Duc – Grape Throwing Festival Photos :

La Raima – Grape Throwing Festival Video :

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