Maryland State Fair 2018 in Timonium : August 24 – September 3

The Maryland State Fair is a very famous and one of the oldest state fair of held in at York Rd & Timonium Rd, Timonium Maryland, U.S.A. every year.

It is a 11-day event which begins near the end of August and ends around Labor Day.

Maryland State Fair 2018

Originally it was the Lutherville Fair, which merged with the Pimlico Fair and the Maryland State Fair to form the current Maryland State Fair.

In 1878 a small group of Maryland businessmen started with a successful fair on a 4 acre land at Lutherville. Then the very year the size of the fair increased to more then 9 times to the original one i.e. 37 acres and now in these 139 years the size is now more then 100 acres. Millions of visitors comes from round the world to attend this fair.

The Fair exhibit home arts, farm and garden products, and livestock. The popular attractions of the fair were the plowing, horsemen races and working oxen competitions. Same of the most unique food items like special sandwiches, etc are the part of the fair accompanied with wives and much more. The amusement part involved sideshows, sack races, and greased pole climbing, etc.

When is Maryland State Fair 2018 ?

Maryland State Fair 2018 starts from 24th August 2018 and ends on 4th September 2018.

Official Website –

This web site provides the complete information about the Maryland State Fair, like the schedule, tickets, bookings, etc.

Photos of Maryland State Fair :

Maryland State Fair 2018 Picture     Maryland State Fair 2018 Aerial View   Maryland State Fair Rides Photo - Night

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