Pakistan Defence Day Youm-e-Difa – 6 September

Defence Day or Youm-e-Difa is celebrated in Pakistan on 6th September as a national day. It is celebrated every year in the memory of the Indo-Pak War II which was fought in 1965.

Pakistan Defence Day - 6 September Youm-e-Difa

In this war, Pakistani force was successful in defending Lahore, Sialkot and other important areas of the country. This war ended on 6th September with the support of United Nations. Indo-Pak War II was fought for the issue of Kashmir which remained unsolved. During this war lots of people lost their lives from both countries.

On this day the President, Prime Minister and many ministers of Islamic Republic of Pakistan address the people from special functions. Along with this there is a display and telecast the latest missiles, tanks, guns, army aviation helicopters and armament being used by Engineers, Electrical and Mechanical Corps, Army Air Defence, Signals, Army Service Corps and Army Medical Corps live on various places.

There are certain shows which are telecasted on the T.V. as well like the Speeches, National songs and about the people who died in the war. The whole environment of the country become patriotic and passion is generated in the youngsters hearts for the country on Defence Day.

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