Pateti 2018 – Zoroastrian Parsi New Year 1397 on 17 August 2018

“Pateti” is New Year’s eve for orthodox Parsis who follow the Shenshai calendar. The next day, Nowroz, is New Year’s Day.

Pateti 2017 - Zoroastrian Parsi New Year 1385 on 17 August 2017

However, many Parsis call Nowroz Pateti, effectively eliminating the day of repentance and changing the meaning of the word Pateti to mean New Year’s day.

The word pateti comes from the word “patet”, the Middle Persian word for repentance. Pateti is therefore a day for a person to reflect on their thoughts, words and deeds of the previous year and to repent those that were not good. The repentance allows dedicating the new year to good thoughts words and deeds in a process of ethical growth.

Many of the customs for Pateti parallel the customs for the Persian/Iranian/Fasli Nowruz and the main difference between all these is the cultural. Their Nowruz customs are based in the Iranian Zoroastrian culture while Pateti customs are based on the Indian Parsi Zoroastrian culture. Other customs include making charitable donations, sprinkling visitors with rose water as they enter a home, and watching a humorous satirical play about Parsi lives, where available, is also a part of the Pateti festival.

In 2018, Parsi New Year will be celebrated on 17th August 2018. It will mark the start of Zoroastrian Parsi New Year 1397.

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