Pinjore Heritage festival in Haryana : 28 – 29 November 2015

The tenth annual Pinjore Heritage festival will be undertaken by the Haryana state government on 28 and 29 November 2015 at the Yadavindra Gardens at Pinjore in order to promote tourism in Haryana.

 Yadavindra Gardens at Pinjore - Pinjore Heritage festival in Haryana

Pinjore is an ancient town developed in Vedic times and is extremely famous for its exotic gardens and tourist attraction.

The annual event of Pinjore Heritage Festival is supported by the Haryana Tourism Department and other state bodies in all respect. The Pinjore Festival was started in 2006, and since then has been successful every year.

Yadavindra Garden is one of the oldest and most well maintained Mughal gardens in the world. The grandeur of the royal gardens – fortress walls, ramparts, bastions and palaces offer a perfect setting to the Heritage Festival.

The Pinjore Heritage Festival proudly exhibits the rich heritage, culture and tradition of Haryana. During this event, artists from all over India gather to exhibit their art and make the event successful.

Many attractions such as Garba dance, Folk Dances, Musical concerts, Rock bands, Classical Music, Shopping and food Bazaar provide a wide spectrum to all participants and viewers.

The Yadavindra gardens are so beautifully decorated that the complete ambience reflects back to Vedic times and Mughal times. The lighting, decoration, music, dance all culminates to make this a memorable event.

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