Samvatsari Pratikraman with Video

Samvatsari Pratikraman is done once every year on the last day of Paryushana for the sins committed during the year.


Just as Samayik, Pratikraman is also a main part of spiritual development of soul. Through Pratikraman one can bring own’s soul from bad sentiments to good ones.

Pratikraman means repenting for sins done knowingly or unknowingly by own’s soul and take vow not to repeat it again. To revert back from wrong path and turn towards right path. It is to retreat from the worldly wrongs and proceeds towards the eternal true path. It means to liberate our soul, from sins already committed and to see that the same is not repeated again.

Pratikraman includes all six things that a Jain must do: Pratikraman is a combination of six avshyakas (essential rituals).

Samayik – maintain mental equanimity
Chauvisanttho – Offering Worship to the Tirthankaras
Vandana – Salutation offered to Lord and sadhus and sadhvis
Pratikraman – repent sin done knowing and unknowing.
Kayotsarga – meditation and prayer
Pachchakkhan – renounce or take vows to keep self-control

Pratikraman Video :

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