Shogatsu – Japanese New Year 2019 Greeting Cards

For Japanese the New Year is the most important time of the year, just like Christmas is very important for the western world.

The Japanese New Year known as  Shogatsu or Oshogatsu in Japan, is an annual festival with its own customs and traditions.

Although Japan also celebrates its New Year on 1st January, the celebration in Japan continues till 3rd January, not like one day affair in other parts of the world.

Japanese visit the Shrine or a temple during New Years’ Day. The worship during the New Year is for good health, joy, prosperity and wealth. This tradition is popularly known as hatsumoude.

As per the Japanese culture and tradition, they have to send New Year cards to all relatives, friends, Co-workers and family.

In todays interet world, you can send below mentioned Japanese New Year Greetings for free to all just by a click.

Shogatsu – Japanese New Year Greeting Cards 2019 :

Note : Click on the Greeting Card to send it to all.

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