Shri Kasba Ganpati : 2018 Pune Ganesh Chaturthi

Shri Kasba Ganpati Sarvajanik Ganeshotsav Mandal is privileged as the first honored Ganpati in Pune city.

This mandal was established in 1893, the year when Bal Gangadhar Tilak (Lokmanya Tilak) initiated the now famous Ganesh Festival by bringing Ganesh Idol to his own house in Kesari Wada in Pune.

Kasba Ganpati - Pune Ganesh Chaturthi 2018

Till 1925, Shri Kasba Ganpati Mandal celebrated the festival within the premises of the Kasba Ganpati temple and from 1926 it is celebrated in an enclosed mandap.

Since 1894 (the following year of its inception), Kasba Ganpati is gracing the first place in immersion procession in Pune being the Gram Daivat or Gramadevata (Patron deity) of Pune.

Located in Pune, Kasba Ganpati temple is one of the most ancient temples in Maharashtra. It was built in 1639 by Shivaji Maharaj and Jijabai after a devotee called Vinayak Thakar found this idol near his house. This magnificent temple was built around this idol.

Ganeshotsav in Pune :

Ganeshotsav, the ten day Ganesh festival begins on Ganesh Chaturthi and ends on Anant Chaturdashi.

In 2018 Ganesh Chaturthi will be celebrated on 13th September 2018 and Anant Chaturdashi will be celebrated on 23rd September 2018.

Shri Kasba Ganpati Immersion Procession :

Kasba Ganpati Palkhi Photo - Pune Ganesh Chaturthi 2018     Kasba Ganpati Immersion Procession Photo 2018

The immersion procession of Shri Kasba Ganpati is very different and unique immersion in many ways. The Mayor and the Commissioner of the city offer prayers to the idol of Lord Ganpati. Then the idol is placed in a Palkhi which is made up of silver. Then the devotees carry the palkhi on their shoulders and the procession starts. During the entire procession, the Palkhi halts at each square to allow devotees to offer prayers to Lord Ganesh. It is the first Ganpati to be immersed in the city.

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This web site provides you with complete details about the Shri Kasba Ganpati.

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