Siddhivinayak Live Darshan on Angarika – 3 April 2018

Angarika Sankashthi is considered to be an auspicious day to worship lord Ganesha.

Angarika Chaturthi or Angarak Sankashti Chaturthi is an hindu festival which is celebration every year specially in Maharashtra, Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, and Goa. It is basically a Sankashthi Chaturthi that falls on Tuesday.

Lord Siddhivinayak - Angarika Sankashthi

Next Angarika Chaturthi will be celebrated on Tuesday, 3rd April 2018.

Siddhivinayak temple in Prabhadevi will have special rituals held on Angarika Sankashthi. The pooja commences at midnight and darshan will continue from 1.15 am to 3.15 am followed by Aarti on Tuesday morning after which darshan will continue uninterruptedly till 8 pm.

How To Observe Angarak Chaturthi Fasting

On this day around 10 – 12 lakh people visit the Siddhivinayak temple to seek blessings from their beloved god.

Those people who are not able to visit the Siddhivinayak Temple in Mumbai then you can see the Live Webcast of Shree Siddhivinayak Temple below.

Live Darshan of Siddhivinayak from Siddhivinayak Temple Mumbai :

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For more details about Angarika Rituals and Aarti at the Siddhivinayak Temple, Visit Official Website of Siddhivinayak Temple –

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