Strakonice Bagpipe Festival 2018 in Czech Republic : 23 – 26 August

Bagpipe Festival is an four day European festival which takes place in the town of Strakonice, Pisecko in South Bohemia in the Czech Republic every year.

Strakonice Bagpipe Festival

In 2018, the Bagpipe Festival in Strakonice will take place from 23rd to 26th August 2018.

Locally known as Mezinarodni Dudacky Festivalu (Ročník Mezinárodního Dudáckého Festivalu) during this festival bagpipe players and groups from all over the world gather here play their best music. There are hundreds of types of bagpipes on display from all over the world and there’s traditional Czech dancers cladded in traditional Czech costumes who parade on streets from the town to the local 16th century castle.

Photos of Strakonice Bagpipe Festival :

Strakonice Bagpipe Festival 2018 Photo     Bagpipe Festival Strakonice Photo     Strakonice Bagpipe Festival Photo

Apart from the Czech Republic, the festival will welcome Slovak, German, French, Austrian, Dutch, Scottish, Irish, Hungarian, Italian, Spanish and Turkish musicians.

The 2018 International Bagpipe Festival programme will feature more than 18 foreign, 20 Czech, 15 Slovak and more than 70 solo bagpipe players from the Czech Republic. The festival includes accompanying events such as meeting bagpipe producers, an old-Bohemian fair and an exhibition of bagpipes and photographs from previous years of the festival.

This European festival dates back to 1967 when it was used in the towns 600 year anniversary celebrations.

Bagpipes are a very old musical instrument played by many nations around the world. The first records of bagpipes in Bohemia come from the 13th century.

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