Tokyo Tower – Japan New Year Fireworks 2018 : New Years Eve Fireworks

New Year in Japan is also referred as ‘Shogatsu’ or ‘Oshogatsu’.

In most cities and urban areas across Japan, New Year’s Eve celebrations are usually accompanied by concerts, countdowns, fireworks, and other events.

People gather around the Zojoji Temple to release helium balloons up in the sky containing New Year’s wishes and watch the lighting of Tokyo Tower with a year number displayed on the observatory at the stroke of midnight.

New Year fireworks around Japan’s Tokyo Tower are worth watching.

New Years Eve in Japan concludes with Juya Na Kane, which in its literal meaning refers to ‘the watch-night bell’. As a part of it, a bell is ring for 108 times.

Photos of Tokyo Tower, Japan New Year’s Eve Fireworks 2018 :

Videos of Tokyo Tower, Japan New Year’s Eve Fireworks 2018 :

Tokyo Tower, Japan New Year Fireworks 2018 Live Telecast in India :

In India you can watch the Tokyo Tower, Japan’s New Years Fireworks Live on 31st December at 8.30 pm due to time different between India and Japan.

Note : After the New Year 2018 starts, we will present you Tokyo Tower, Japan’s 2018 New Year Fireworks Photos and Videos here. Please visit again. Wishing you a Happy & Prosperous New Year 2018 !!!

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