Uttarayana 2018 Date : When is Uttarayana in 2018

The name Uttarayana comes from joining two different Sanskrit words “Uttara” (North) and “ayana” (movement towards).

Uttarayana 2018

Uttarayana, is the six-month period between Winter solstice nearly December 22 and Summer solstice nearly June 21, when the sun apparently travels towards the north on the celestial sphere.

But it is common to erroneously refer it to as the period between the Makar Sankranti (January 14).

Uttarayana is the most awaited festival in Gujarat. On this people living Gujarat fly kites for the whole day. One can find thousands and thousands colorfull and different shapes and size of kites fling in the sky on this day. At certain places people keep kite flying competitions as a part of their celebration.

In the year 2018 Uttarayana is on 14th January 2018.

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