Vietnamese New Year 2018 Greeting Cards : Tet Greetings 2018

Vietnamese New Year also known as Tết Nguyên Đán or Tet, is the most important and popular holiday and also festival in Vietnam.

Similar to Lunar New Year in South Korea or China, Tet is celebrated for the arrival of the spring according to the Lunar Calendar – from the first day of the first Lunar month (January or February) to at least the third day. Usually Vietnamese will be allowed to have five – seven days off from work to celebrate Tet holiday.

There are many customs practiced by Vietnamese during Tet such as ancestral worshiping, giving away lucky money to children and elderly people, cooking traditional food, decorating house and many other unique customs.

The Celebrations are divided into three periods: Tất Niên – Day before New Year’s Eve, Giao Thừa – the New Year’s Eve and Tân Niên – the New Year.

In 2018, The Vietnamese New Year will be celebrated on Saturday, 16th February 2018. It will mark the start of Vietnamese New Year 4716.

Vietnamese New Year Greeting Cards 2018 :

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