World Heart Day on 29 September

Cardiovascular diseases are the world’s largest killers, hence there is a day dedicated to Cardiovascular diseases celebrated every year on September 29.

Cardiovascular diseases or heart diseases claim lives of around 17.3 million worldwide every year.

World Heart Day

World Heart Day provides us opportunity to raise awareness and encourage individuals, families, communities and governments to take action to reduce the burden of heart disease and stroke.

On the World Heart Day, the World Heart Federation in partnership with WHO, organizes awareness events in more than 100 countries – including health checks, organized walks, runs and fitness sessions, public talks, stage shows, scientific forums, exhibitions, concerts, carnivals and sports tournaments.

Risk factors for heart disease and stroke include raised blood pressure, cholesterol and glucose levels, smoking, inadequate intake of fruit and vegetables, overweight, obesity and physical inactivity.

Join us and celebrate World Heart Day on 29 September.

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