Youm-e-Difa Pakistan Defence Day 2018 WhatsApp, SMS, Text Messages

Every year, 6th September is celebrated as Defence Day in Pakistan in the memory of all those who sacrificed their lives for the nation during the Indo-Pakistani war of 1965 and there after.

Pakistan Defence Day Wishes

The day is also known as Youm-e-Difa.

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Youm-e-Difa Pakistan Defence Day 2018 WhatsApp, SMS, Text Messages & Wishes :

Never forget the heroes

Who sacrified their lifes
To bring up this glorious day to pakistan..

Happy Pakistan Defense Day

‘Ay Rah-E-Haq K Shaheedo
Wafa Ki Tsvero
Tmhain Watan Ki Hawain
Salam Kehti Hn.

Happy Defence Day Of Our Beloved

Thousands laid down their lives so
that our country is breathing this day
Never forget their sacrifice…
Happy Defence Day

Youm E Difa E Pakistan Mubarak

Pray For All The Martydom Of 1965 War
Till Operation Raahe-Raast(Sawat)

The Pakistan Army Done The Great Job
We Love Our Army And Pakistan.

Pakistan Fouj Ko Salam.
Pakistan Zindabad.

The 6th of September is a golden chapter in Pakistan History,
when Pakistan, its military and people stood united
in 1965 in defense of Pakistan.

Happy Defense Day

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